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As well as artwork, creative writing - either through poetry or prose - has similar power of healing and communication of emotion. Below are a selection of pieces we have written throughout the project.

JTR - V Poetry.jpg

'Please Don't Hurt Me'


Scared and alone, no hand to hold .
So alone at night I’d weep, tears falling down my nine year old face. 
I felt so unloved,
I felt out of place, 
I told all of my secrets to my pillowcase.
See there a man much older than me 
He was supposed to love me because he married my mummy.
Mum would leave and while she was gone from the house he crept around like a quiet mouse. 
He would find me and ruin my entire world and when he was done he would love at me. 
He’d say don’t say a word your family would die, 
I’d kill them if you tell them. 
So I keep that secret for many years. 
I spend that time crying all of the tears. 
The man got away with all that he did trying to make a woman out of a little kid.
My sister suffered the same and ran away and hid 
I was 20 she 17 picked up by the police they tried to make him Pay for all the years he’d taken away. 
I answered questions day after day of all the things he would do and say.
He took the easy way out and didn’t pay, 
I paid more than he did and still do to this day but now I have children I could hardly let play. 
I think about it sometimes I know he’s still there 
I wonder if he will come and get me. I’ve lived my life in fear.
No matter where you are or how safe you feel there’s always that thought that he’s gone forever,
But he’s still there forever in my head.

'Recovery Tastes Sweeter'


Give up the sugar - who, me?
Well, a sweet tooth runs in my family.
But one bite of sugar means ten, so giving it up sure makes sense.
It all boils down to how much I want it.
My recovery tastes sweeter, I’d better not taunt it.

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